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At some point, you may find yourself working with many macros at one time. It can be tedious trying to navigate between and within macro procedures by clicking around with the mouse. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly jump to a target procedure, navigate modules, and even find the starting point for variables.
What to Press What It Does
Ctrl+down arrow Selects the next procedure.
Ctrl+up arrow Selects the previous procedure.
Ctrl+Page Down Shifts one screen down.
Ctrl+Page Up Shifts one screen up.
Shift+F2 Goes to the selected function or variable.
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Goes to the last position.
Ctrl+Home Goes to the beginning of module.
Ctrl+End Goes to the end of module.
Ctrl+right arrow Moves one word to the right.
Ctrl+left arrow Moves one word to the left.
End Moves to the end of the line.
Home Moves to the beginning of the line.
Tab Indents the current line.
Shift+Tab Removes the indent for the current line.
Ctrl+J Lists the properties and methods for the selected object.

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