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For your end users, the Power Pivot Gallery provides an attractive portal that serves as a one-stop shop for all the reports and dashboards you publish. For you, the Power Pivot Gallery enables better management of your Power Pivot reports by allowing you to schedule nightly refreshes of the data within them.

Speak with your SharePoint administrator about your organization's SharePoint instance, and ask that person to consider adding a Power Pivot Gallery to the site. After you have access to a Power Pivot Gallery, you can upload your Power Pivot workbooks by following the same steps for publishing a standard workbook to SharePoint.

This figure illustrates a typical Power Pivot Gallery. Note that each workbook is shown as a thumbnail, providing users with a snapshot of each report. Clicking a thumbnail opens the report as a web page.

A sample Power Pivot Gallery.

If you have an Office 365 SharePoint subscription, you have no option, unfortunately, for a Power Pivot Gallery, because Office 365 doesn't support it. This situation may change as Microsoft continues to add improvements to Office 365.

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