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A large part of the work you do in Excel is editing the cell contents in worksheets. To save time editing, learn the following Excel shortcuts, including the key combinations and their functions:

Press To
F2 Edit current cell entry and position insertion point at the end of cell contents
Shift+F2 Edit comment attached to current cell and position insertion point in comment box
Backspace Delete character to left of insertion point when editing cell entry
Delete Delete character to right of insertion point when editing cell entry: otherwise, clear cell entries in current range
Esc Cancel editing in current cell entry
Enter Complete editing in current cell entry
Ctrl+C Copy cell selection to the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut cell selection to the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste last copied or cut cells from the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+hyphen (-) Open Delete dialog box to delete cell selection and shift remaining cells left or up
Ctrl+Shift+plus (+) Open Insert dialog box to insert new cells and shift existing cells right or down
Ctrl+Z Undo last action
Ctrl+Y Redo last undone action

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