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A bulleted list contains one or more items each prefaced by a bullet (often a big dot). Use this kind of list on your web page if the items’ order isn’t necessary for understanding the information it presents.

A bulleted list requires the following:

  • The unordered list element (

      ) specifies a bulleted list.

    • A list item element (

    • ) marks each item in the list.

    • The closing tag for the unordered list element (

    ) indicates that the list has come to its end.

An unordered list (another name for bulleted list) with three items requires elements and content in the following order:

    • Content for the first list item

    • Content for the second list item

    • Content for the third list item

The following markup formats a three-item list as a bulleted list:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Bulleted Lists</title>
    <h1>Things to do today</h1>
      <li>Feed cat</li>
      <li>Wash car</li>
      <li>Grocery shopping</li>

This figure shows how a browser renders this with bullets.


Use CSS to exert more control over the formatting of your lists, including the ability to use your own graphics as bullet symbols.

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