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Touch typists find that using keyboard shortcuts makes them even faster than normal. Of course, you need to know the keyboard shortcuts before you can use them. The following table contains the keyboard shortcuts used most often in Visual Studio 2017. You can find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts online.
Shortcut Purpose
Alt-Enter Show the properties panel for a selected object
Alt-Shift-A Add an existing item to the project
Ctrl-Alt-L Show Solution Explorer
Ctrl-Alt-P Attach the debugger to a process
Ctrl-B + Ctrl-T Toggle code bookmark
Ctrl-F Display the Find dialog
Ctrl-F5 Start a project without debugging
Ctrl-H Display the Replace dialog
Ctrl-K+Ctrl-C Comment a selected block of code
Ctrl-K+Ctrl-U Un-comment a selected block of code
Ctrl-M +Ctrl+M Expand or collapse a selected code fragment (toggle)
Ctrl-M +Ctrl-O Collapse all code to definitions
Ctrl-M +Ctrl-P Expand all definitions to code
Ctrl-N Add a new file
Ctrl-S Save file
Ctrl-Shift-A Add a new item to the project
Ctrl-Shift-B Build solution
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Scroll backwards through open windows
Ctrl-Tab Scroll forward through open windows
Ctrl-Y Redo typing
Ctrl-Z Undo typing
F5 Start a project in debug mode
F6 Build solution
F7 Show the code window
Shift-Alt-C Add a new class to the project
Shift-F6 Build project
Shift-F7 Show the designer window

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