eBay For Dummies, (Updated for 2020)
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It’s a good idea to list the forms of payment you are willing to accept. Yeah, sure, eBay is loads of fun, but the bottom line to selling is the phrase “Show me the money!” eBay allows you to accept payment through PayPal or processed through an Internet merchant account. Many long-time eBay users will tell you, stick with PayPal. It’s integrated right into the site and works flawlessly.

In some cases, you may still accept checks and money orders in certain categories. Because these categories can change per eBay’s policy, you should check eBay’s Accepted Payments Policy to see if your category is listed.

eBay’s rules say that you must clearly state the payment methods you accept and can’t make generalized statements or ask buyers to contact you for additional payment methods.

Some sellers who use credit card services try attaching an additional fee (to cover their credit card processing fees) to the final payment. However, that’s against the law in California, home of eBay — and therefore against eBay’s rules. So forget about it. eBay can end your listing if it catches you.

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