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The eBay home page is a sensible place to start your eBay adventures. To access the eBay home page, type www.ebay.com in your browser’s address bar and press Enter.


eBay changes the home page from minute to minute to reflect what’s going on — not just on the site, but in the world as well. Today you may notice that a link that was on the eBay home page yesterday is gone. That’s normal.

You can check out the key areas of the eBay home page via the master navigation bar at the top of the page. The navigation bar’s five link boxes can take you directly to many of the important eBay areas. If you hover your mouse pointer, you see a drop-down menu. You can click these various links to see what’s available to you:


  • Buy takes you to the page that lists all the main eBay categories, as well as links to popular stores and eBay promotions that vary from time to time.

  • Sell takes you to a page where you can start the process of listing an item for sale. The links at the bottom of the page direct you to various Seller Guides.

  • My eBay takes you to your personal My eBay page, where you keep track of all your buying and selling activities, account information, and favorite categories.

  • Community takes you to a page where you can find the latest news and announcements, chat with fellow traders in the eBay community, find charity auctions, and find out more about eBay.

  • Help takes you to the Help area where you can get answers to many of your questions, as well as stay apprised of eBay’s rules and regulations that govern trading on the site. The eBay Help overview page consists of a search box, where you can type your query, links for browsing help topics, an A–Z index, a list of the top five questions on eBay, and a link to the eBay Answer Center.

Check out the links at the top of the eBay home page. Several powerful links appear below the navigation bar:


  • eBay Logo: Click the eBay logo from any page on the site, and it takes you right back to the home page.

  • Sign In or Register: Click Register to become a member of the eBay community. If you’re already a member and signed in, the Register link isn’t visible. If you click the Sign In link, go to the Sign In page, and then sign in, you may not have to enter your user ID again that day.

  • Contact Us: Click this link, and you’ll either have to sign in (on the resulting page) or use a bold link that says I’m a Guest to get you into eBay. Click there, and you’re taken to the Contact Us page.

  • Site Map: Provides you with a bird’s-eye view of the eBay world. Every top-level (that is, main) link available on eBay is listed here. If you’re ever confused about finding a specific area, try the Site Map first.

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