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You can put in a single picture to accompany your eBay listing. Loading an image of your eBay item so also causes a postage-stamp-size version of your image to appear next to your listing in the category or search. Many buyers enjoy browsing the Gallery catalog-style, and it’s open to all categories.

The best thing about using a picture in your listings is that it’s free and it draws attention to your item on a search or category page. If you don’t use a picture and just have an image in your description, your listing will get very few visitors.

The upload page is where you upload your image from the Sell an Item page. To add an image, click the Add Picture box. An Open File dialog box appears. Find your image file on your computer and click Open. The picture of your item appears in the image box. Add more pictures if you want. (Remember if you add them here, additional pictures cost $.15 each to post.) Click Submit Pictures and Continue.


If you want to avoid extra eBay charges for additional pictures, put them in your description via the description’s HTML tab. You’ve got to host your picture somewhere, though; it can’t remain on your computer. Every additional picture needs to have an Internet address. Because your image needs an address, you have to find it a good home online. You have a couple of options:

  • Your ISP (Internet service provider): All the big ISPs — AOL, Comcast, Road Runner, and Earthlink — give you space to store your Internet stuff. You’re already paying for an ISP, so you can park pictures on your home-page area at no extra charge.

  • An image-hosting Web site: Web sites that specialize in hosting pictures are popping up all over the Internet. Some charge a small fee; others are free. The upside here is that they’re easy to use.

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