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You’re not required to leave feedback on eBay. However, feedback is the benchmark by which all eBay users are judged, whether you’re buying or selling, so you should always leave feedback comments.

Get in the frame of mind that every time you complete a transaction — the minute the package arrives safely and you’ve taken the time to check the item — you should go to eBay and post your feedback.

To start the feedback process:

Find the item you purchased on your My eBay Won page. Click the Leave Feedback link next to the item.

You arrive at the Leave Feedback form.

On the form, click the Positive, Negative, or Neutral radio button.

On the form, click the Positive, Negative, or Neutral radio button.

Choose the button that best applies.

Type your feedback comment in the Please Explain text box.

Keep your comments brief, accurate, and professional.

Rate sellers by clicking one to five stars in the Detailed Seller Ratings.

These stars indicate how well you think a seller fulfills four different selling criteria. Keep in mind that shipping takes time and that shipping costs money.

Click the Leave Feedback button.

You’re done.

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