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Even though AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides you with a wealth of Internet-specific tools, you sometimes need to perform tasks in a batch process or in a more convenient way. The Console Internet Tools group package that comes with your Linux setup contains the following packages (listed as either a default package or an optional package):
Utility/Package What It Does
Default Packages
elinks Provides a text-based browser for use in the SSH session. See for additional details.
Optional Packages
fetchmail Provides a text-based email program that can access POP3, IMAP, ODMR, and ETRN-based stores. See for additional details.
ftp Provides a text-based File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application for sending and receiving files to and from an FTP server.
jwhois Determines the owner and other information associated with a particular web domain. See for additional details.
lftp Performs advanced batch processing of HTTP-specific commands, akin to the manner in which the bash shell works. You typically use this utility for scripted FTP uploads or other repetitive tasks. See for additional details.
mutt Provides a text-based email program that can access all the common data stores. This utility is a little more GUI-based and friendlier than fetchmail. See for additional details.

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