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You can connect your Android tablet to a WPS router. Many Wi-Fi routers feature WPS, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It’s a network authorization system that’s really simple and quite secure. If the wireless router features WPS, you can use it to quickly connect your Android tablet to the network.

To make the WPS connection, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the WPS connection button on the router.

    The button either is labeled WPS or uses the WPS icon.

  2. On your tablet, open the Settings app and choose Wi-Fi.

    On your Samsung tablet, look on the Settings app’s Connection tab to locate the Wi-Fi item.

  3. If you don’t see any WPS options on the screen, tap the Action Overflow icon and choose Advanced.

  4. Choose WPS Push Button or WPS Pin Entry, depending on how the router does the WPS thing.

  5. If the router is a WPS push-button router, push the WPS button on the router. If the router is a WPS PIN router, type the number shown on the tablet’s screen on the router.

Connection with the router may take a few minutes, so be patient. The good news is that, as on all Wi-Fi networks, once the initial connection is established, the tablet automatically connects in the future.

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