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The TI-Nspire device is the most sophisticated handheld graphing calculator available, allowing users to display and evaluate values symbolically, and to reuse the same equations across multiple applications. Because it’s so sophisticated, navigating its features can sometimes be confusing. It helps to know a variety of methods of achieving your aims with the device.

Computer keyboard shortcuts for TI-Nspire software

Sometimes when you’re using a computer, you get into typing mode. Call it laziness if you want, but you might not really feel like accessing a symbol palette or catalog to insert the symbol or command that you need. Incidentally, the first seven shortcuts also work on the handheld:

  • To enter π, type pi.

  • To enter θ, type theta.

  • To enter ∞: type infinity.

  • To enter , type <=.

  • To enter , type >=.

  • To enter , type sqrt(…).

  • To enter �?, type abs(…).

  • To enter i (the imaginary constant), type @i.

  • To enter e (natural log base e), type @e.

  • To enter ° (degrees), type @d.

  • To enter r (radians), type @r.

Shortcuts for managing documents on your TI-Nspire

A TI-Nspire file that holds problems and pages is a document. You can manage your TI-Nspire documents with these shortcuts or use them to access the Document and Context menus:

  • Access the Documents menu: Doc

  • Access the Context menu (right-click): Ctrl-Menu

  • Open Document: Ctrl-O

  • Close Document: Ctrl-W

  • Create New Document: Ctrl-N

  • Insert New Page: Ctrl-I

  • Select Application: Ctrl-K

  • Save Current Document: Ctrl-S

Navigating documents on your TI-Nspire

Shortcuts are available to help you quickly navigate documents on your TI-Nspire, allowing you to move from problem to problem, page to page, application to application, and even to change your view. They are as follows:

  • Display previous page: Ctrl-◄

  • Display next page: Ctrl-►

  • Switch between applications on a split page: Ctrl-Tab

  • Display page sorter view: Ctrl-▲

  • Move through the fields in a dialog box: Tab

  • Move through the fields in reverse order: Shift-Tab

Modifying the display on your TI-Nspire

Is the display on your TI-Nspire too bright, not bright enough, or need to be turned off? These shortcuts will modify the display on your TI-Nspire quickly:

  • Increase contrast: Ctrl-+

  • Decrease contrast: Ctrl-–

  • Power off: Ctrl-On

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