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With the Swap Applications tool located in the TI-Nspire Page Layout menu, you can swap the position of applications on your screen. Although the Custom Split tool can help a bit with the layout, sometimes it’d be even better to swap the position of the applications.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press [CTRL][TAB] until one of the applications you want to swap is active (as indicated by the dark box surrounding the application).

    In the first screen the Graphs application is activated.

  2. Press [DOC]→Page Layout→Swap Applications to activate the Swap Application tool.

    Notice that the Graphs application pulses and an icon is located in the Calculator application. Pressing [ENTER] swaps these two applications. Keep in mind, though, that you want to swap the Graphs and Lists & Spreadsheet applications.

  3. Use the arrow keys on the Touchpad to move the icon to the Lists & Spreadsheet application (see the second screen) and then press [ENTER] to make the swap with the Graphs application.

    The third screen shows the result of this change (after a bit of additional cleanup). Much better!


Notice in the third screen, the ratio of consecutive terms of the famous Fibonacci sequence has a value (the Golden Ratio), which is approximately equal to the solution to x2x – 1 = 0!

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