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A TI-Nspire file that holds problems and pages is a document. You can manage your TI-Nspire documents with these shortcuts or use them to access the Document and Context menus:

  • Access the Documents menu: Doc

  • Access the Context menu (right-click): Ctrl-Menu

  • Open Document: Ctrl-O

  • Close Document: Ctrl-W

  • Create New Document: Ctrl-N

  • Insert New Page: Ctrl-I

  • Select Application: Ctrl-K

  • Save Current Document: Ctrl-S

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Jeff McCalla teaches Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis. He is a T3 instructor for Texas Instruments and co- founder of the TI-Nspire SuperUser group. Steve Ouellette wrote the first edition of TI-Nspire For Dummies as well as CliffsNotes® Guide to TI-Nspire.

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