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The TI-Nspire handheld device has seven applications from which to choose — Calculator application, Graphs application, Geometry application, Lists & Spreadsheets application, Data & Statistics application, Notes application, and Vernier DataQuest.

  • Calculator application: In this application, you perform calculations. You also enter and view expressions, equations, and formulas, all of which are displayed in a format similar to what you see in a textbook. A variety of built-in templates is also available to give you the power to represent just about any mathematical concept symbolically.

  • Graphs application: In this application, you graph equations, expressions, and a variety of functions. Variables and sliders allow you to investigate the effect of certain parameters dynamically. Analyze the graph to find critical points and the values of local extrema.

  • Geometry application: In this application, you can explore synthetic geometry concepts, that is, geometry not associated with the coordinate plane. Also, the Geometry application allows you to integrate coordinate geometry and synthetic geometry. Watch as connections between these two areas are made dynamically, in real time.

  • Lists & Spreadsheet application: In this application, you investigate numeric data, some of which is captured from the Graphs application and some of which resides entirely within the Lists & Spreadsheet application. Like a computer spreadsheet program, this application allows you to label columns, insert formulas into cells, and perform a wide range of statistical analyses.

  • Data & Statistics application: Used in conjunction with Lists & Spreadsheet, this application allows you to visualize one-variable and two-variable data sets. Data & Statistics allows you to create a variety of statistical graphs, including scatter plots, histograms, box-and-whisker plots, dot plots, regression equations, and normal distributions. You can also manipulate a data set (either numerically or graphically) and watch the corresponding change in the other representation.

  • Notes application: The Notes application enables you to put math into writing. Three templates make the Notes application a robust and integral part of any TI-Nspire document. With the Notes application, you can pose questions, review or write geometric proofs, and provide directions for an activity. Interactive math boxes link to all the other applications.

  • Vernier DataQuest application: This application can be used along with probes (like the CBR2 motion detector) to collect real data. There are three views available within the DataQuest application that allow for multiple representations of the data. You can even discard the parts of the data that you do not want to include.

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