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After you have entered data to construct a scatter plot, you can inspect the scatter plot in the Graphs application of the TI-Nspire. Here’s what you do:

  1. Press [CTRL][I] and select Add Graphs. Alternatively, press [ON] and select Graphs.

    The cursor should be in the entry line located at the bottom of the screen, indicating that the entry line is currently active. Also note that the entry line is set by default for graphing functions.

  2. Press [MENU]→Graph Type→Scatter Plot to switch the entry line to scatter plot. Alternatively, press [CTRL][MENU]→Graph Type→Scatter Plot while the cursor is located in the entry line.

    Remember, this second option is the equivalent of a right-click on a computer.

    In the first screen, press [VAR] to view a list of choices for the x-variable.

  3. Using the


    keys, highlight year and press [CLICK] or [ENTER].

  4. Press [TAB] to move to the y-variable, press [VAR] to view a list of choices for the y-variable, highlight im_pop, and press [CLICK] or [ENTER]. Press [ENTER] to graph the scatter plot.


If you configured your scatter plot with incorrect list names, you can press e to move from the work area back to the entry line. Notice that the next available unused scatter plot (probably s2) is ready to be configured. To edit the previous scatter plot, press


and change the settings as needed.

Notice in the last screen that the current window settings do not provide a good view of the scatter plot. In fact, you see no visible points in the viewing window.

To improve the view of the scatter plot, press [MENU]→Window→Zoom–Data. This sets your window settings to match those shown here.


The shortcut key sequence [CTRL][G] toggles between Hide Entry Line and Show Entry Line.

If you inspect the scatter plot, it appears that a cubic polynomial is a good fit for the data.

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