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You can use the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire to generate sequential data. The first two values of the famous Fibonacci sequence are both 1. The remaining values are found by adding the two previous values.

To create this sequence, move the cursor to the formula cell for column A and follow these steps:

  1. Press [MENU]→Data→Generate Sequence or right-click, [CTRL][MENU]→Generate Sequence.

    See the first screen.

  2. Configure the dialog box as shown. (See the second screen.)

    • Formula: u(n)=u(n–2)+u(n–1)

    • Initial Terms:1,1

    • n0:1

    • nMax:255

    • nStep:1

    • Ceiling Value:100

  3. Press [ENTER] to generate the sequence.

    See the third screen.


Notice that you have two options for controlling the number of terms in your sequence — by maximum number of terms and by ceiling value. If you want to specify the maximum number of terms, say 20, just type the number in the Max No. Terms field and leave Ceiling Value blank. If you type a maximum value in the Ceiling Value field, TI-Nspire defaults to the Ceiling Value and ignores the Max No. Terms field.

Perhaps you want to edit the sequence command to include more terms. Just move to the formula cell and press [CLICK] or [ENTER] to enter Edit mode. Then move the cursor to the end of the command by pressing the


key repeatedly (or press [CTRL][1], the equivalent of the End key on a computer). Delete the last number and type a new number.

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