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A range of font styles and symbols can be added to your TI-Nspire Notes pages. Many symbols that are used in Notes can be found in the Symbol palette


How to select text in TI-Nspire Notes

Standard text is the default font, but you can also format text to be bold, italics, subscript, or superscript.

Perhaps you have typed some text and you want to go back and change a word or phrase to add emphasis. Here are the steps to follow to select a section of text to reformat:

  1. Move the cursor to the beginning or end of the word or phrase you want to change.

  2. Press and hold the [SHIFT] key.

  3. Use the Touchpad to highlight over the entire word or phrase.

How to choose a text format in TI-Nspire Notes

To change the font of selected text, press [MENU]→Format and select the desired text style. The first screen shows the different text styles available in the Notes application. Alternatively, after you have highlighted text, right-click ([CTRL][MENU]) to access the Format menu. The second screen shows a few time-saving options, including Cut, Copy, and Paste.

You can change text format as you type. Just press [MENU]→Format and select a text style. Text that you type after the current cursor location appears in this new style.


You may have noticed that no menu option exists to revert to the standard font. Instead, you turn off the current style you are working with. Consider, for example, that you have just finished typing a word in bold and want to switch back to standard font. Press [MENU]→Format→Bold to turn off the bold font and change back to standard font.

How to choose a color in TI-Nspire Notes

You can change the color of the text, or highlight the text using any one of 16 different colors. To colorize your text, you first need to highlight the text. Then, right-click, [CTRL][MENU]→Color→Text color (or Fill Color). Alternatively, you can press [DOC]→Edit→Color→Text color (or Fill Color). If you use the latter method, the text that you type will show up in the color you selected. See the third screen.

How to insert special characters in TI-Nspire Notes

A variety of geometric shape symbols are located within the Notes application. These shapes are particularly helpful when working with the Proof template.

To access these geometric shapes, press [MENU]→Insert→Shape and choose the appropriate symbol. The first screen shows each of the symbols available on the Shapes menu.

Each time you access these shapes, a small dashed box appears around the shape. Any text that you type immediately after invoking a shape is contained in this box with the symbol. This is particularly helpful when using the line, segment, ray, and vector shapes because your text appears underneath each of these symbols. Press the


key or the spacebar to move out of the dashed box and resume normal typing.

A multitude of other mathematical symbols are available via the Symbol palette. As shown in the second screen, press


to access this palette, scroll through and highlight your choice, and press [ENTER] to paste it into the Notes application.


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