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Besides changing the attributes of a graph, you can also change the attributes of a geometry object on the IT-Nspire. Press [MENU]→Actions→Attributes to invoke the Attributes command. Then, move to the object whose attributes you want to change and press [CLICK] or [ENTER]. Alternatively, move your cursor to the object whose attributes you want to change and press [CTRL][MENU]→Attributes.

After opening the Attributes menu, press the


keys to move through the different options (weight, style, and so on). Use the


keys to view the different options within each attribute and notice the corresponding attribute change on the graph as well.

To put an attribute into effect, you must use the Touchpad keys to select it and then press [ENTER]. To exit the Attributes menu without making a change, press [ESC]. See the first screen.


The Color menu can be accessed from the context menu for an object. Move your cursor over the perimeter of a circle, right-click ([CTRL][MENU]), choose Color, and select Fill Color. Choose your favorite color from the 16 choices. This tool can be used to change the interior shading of any closed figure drawn using the Shapes menu.

So, unfortunately, you will not be able to use Fill Color in triangle ABC (unless you use the Triangle tool from the Shapes menu to draw a triangle on top of triangle ABC). See the second screen.

You can use the Fill Color tool with multiple shapes at one time. Just [CLICK] the shapes that you want and then right-click ([CTRL][MENU]) one of them and choose Color. See the third screen.

Changing the line color of an object will also cause the label of the object to change color to match the line color.

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