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Sometimes, on the TI-84 Plus you get the ERROR: ARCHIVE FULL error message in spite of the fact that you seem to have plenty of memory available. What gives?

If you have just made major changes, like deleting apps, your calculator is not able to use all the available memory until it reorganizes the files. This reorganization has a funny name — garbage collecting. To create more usable memory space, a “Garbage Collect?” prompt displays, as shown in the first screen.


Press [2] for Yes, as long as you understand that it could take as long as 20 minutes to execute garbage collecting on your calculator. You should expect a process message, defragmenting as your calculator reorganizes its files. You also don’t have to wait until your calculator forces you to action.

Why not be proactive? Press [2nd][0] to access the Catalog and press [TAN] to jump to the commands beginning with the letter G, as shown in the second screen. Press [ENTER] to insert the GarbageCollect command on the Home screen and press [ENTER] again to begin the potentially long process. The final result is illustrated in the third screen.

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