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Once you have entered your statistical data in a data list on your TI-84 Plus calculator, you can call the list up again when you want to use or change it.

  • Copying data from one list to another:

    After you enter data into the Stat List editor, that data is automatically stored in the memory of the calculator under the list name that appears as the column heading for that list. You don’t have to take any further steps to ensure that the calculator saves your data. However, if you clear the contents of a data list, the calculator retains the name of the data list in memory but deletes the contents of that list.

    If you enter your data in one of the default lists L1 through L6 and would like to save it as a named list, first press [2nd][DEL] to insert a data list. Use a to enter a name for the list and press [ENTER]. You will get a result that resembles the first screen. Then press [2nd][STAT] to access the List NAMES menu and press [ENTER] to select L1, as shown in the second screen.

    The quickest way to enter L1 is to press [2nd][1]. Or, enter L2 by pressing [2nd][2]. Notice the tiny blue lettering above keys 1 through 6 on the calculator, indicating their secondary key functions.

    Finally, press [ENTER] to insert the data from L1 into the newly named data list. The third screen shows this process.

  • Recalling data lists:

    You can use the SetUpEditor command to set up the Stat List editor with the data lists you specify. To do this, press [STAT][5] to invoke the SetUpEditor command. Enter the names of the data lists, separated by commas. Then press [ENTER][STAT][1] to see the data lists.

    If you’re already in the Stat List editor, you can recall a data list by inserting a data list and entering the name of the saved data list.


You can save a data list on your PC and recall it at a later date. You can also transfer a data list from one calculator to another.

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