Using a Powermat to charge electronic devices is a great way to get rid of all those annoying chargers and cords. The Powermat uses magnetic resonance to create an electric charge that works on all the popular phones, iPods or other mp3 players, and gaming devices. With the Powermat, you only need one power cord to charge up to three devices at a time.

Powermats come in standard home version or in a traveler that folds up and fits into a handy travel case. Each version sells for $99 and is available at

  1. Take out your Powermat and plug it in.

  2. Attach a receiver to each electronic device.

    There are customized receivers for each kind of device. The receivers are designed to attach to the device you’re charging. For example, the BlackBerry's receiver is built-in to a replacement battery cover and the receiver for a Nintendo DSi is a wrap around. You can leave the receivers attached all the time. The receivers sell for $30-40.

    If you don't want to purchase a separate receiver for your device, you can use the Powercube that comes with the Powermat. This small box is a universal receiver. You can plug your device into the Powercube. Then just place the Powercube on the Powermat to charge your device.

  3. Lay the device down on the Powermat (receiver side down).

    When you lay a receiver-enabled device on the Powermat, you’ll feel a pull as the receiver approaches the mat (this is the magnetic resonance working). You'll also see hear a beep and see a light come one under the device.

  4. When the device is finished charging, remove it from the Powermat.

    Don't worry about removing it right away. When the device is charged, the Powermat will stop the power to that device while continuing to charge the other devices on the mat. This prevents your devices from overheating.

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