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Pre-flight checklists are a great way to ensure you have all the necessary gear for flying your drone and that you are taking all the proper precautions to ensure you, your drone, and the people around you stay safe while you fly.

Flight date:

Flight location:

Weather conditions:

Check Item Notes
Is the location clear of people,
power lines, and other objects?
Are you in a no-fly zone? If so,
find a different, appropriate
(legal) place to fly.
Inspect equipment for damage _________________________________________
First-Aid Kit available? _________________________________________
Extra batteries? _________________________________________
Verify battery charge level _________________________________________
Place drone in a safe level
Turn on camera _________________________________________
Verify transmitter controls move _________________________________________
Verify transmitter controls in
neutral position
Verify transmitter throttle to zero _________________________________________
Turn on transmitter _________________________________________
Connect drone battery _________________________________________
Power on drone _________________________________________
Start flight timer _________________________________________
Check for any people and
animals near by
Stand clear and announce
Arm flight controller _________________________________________
Increase throttle slightly and
check for abnormalities
Hover at 3-5 feet for a few
seconds to check stability

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