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The best tool for image editing is a computer with photo-editing software, such as Photoshop. It’s possible to use the Samsung Galaxy tablet Gallery app to perform some minor photo surgery.

How to crop a picture on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

One of the few true image-editing commands available in the Gallery app is Crop. You can use Crop to slice out portions of an image, such as when removing ex-spouses and convicts from a family portrait. To crop an image, obey these directions:

  1. Summon the image you want to crop.

  2. Touch the Menu button and choose the Crop command.

    If the Crop command is unavailable, you have to choose another image; not every image in the Gallery can be modified.

  3. Work the crop thing.

    You can drag the rectangle around to choose which part of the image to crop. Drag an edge of the rectangle to resize the left and right or top and bottom sides. Or drag a corner of the rectangle to change the rectangle’s size proportionally.

  4. Touch the Done button when you’re finished cropping.

    Only the portion of the image within the rectangle is saved; the rest is discarded.

The cropped image is saved as a new picture in the Gallery. So if you don’t like the crop, delete the cropped image and start over again with the original.

How to trim a video on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

The process of trimming a video involves snipping off the head or tail from the recording. It works like this:

  1. Display the video in the Gallery.

    Do not play the video; just have it loitering on the screen.

  2. Touch the Trim icon.


    The icon looks like a pair of scissors. If you can’t see the icon, touch the screen. If it still doesn’t show up, the video is being shared from another source and cannot be edited.

  3. Adjust the video’s start and end points.

    Adjust the Start and End markers to trim the video’s length. Touch the Play button on the screen to preview how the shortened video looks. Adjust the Start and End markers further, if needed.


    You cannot trim a video so that it’s less than one second in duration.

  4. Touch the Done button to save the edited video.

    An Enter New File Name box appears.

  5. Type a new name for the video or edit the existing name.

  6. Touch the OK button.

    The trimmed video is saved under the new name specified in Step 5.

The new video can be found in the Gallery’s Output album.

How to rotate pictures on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

Which way is up? Well, the answer depends on your situation. For taking pictures with your tablet, sometimes images just don’t appear up, no matter how you turn the screen. To fix that situation, heed these steps:

  1. Choose an image to rotate.

  2. Touch the Menu button.

  3. Choose Rotate Left to rotate the image counterclockwise; choose Rotate Right to rotate the image clockwise.

You can rotate a slew of images at one time: Select all the images. Then touch the Menu button and choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right. All the images are rotated at once.

  • You cannot rotate videos.

  • You cannot rotate certain images, such as images shared from your Picasa web albums.

How to delete pictures and videos on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

It’s entirely possible, and often desirable, to remove unwanted, embarrassing, or questionably legal images and videos from the Gallery.

To zap a single image or a video, summon the image or video and touch the Trash icon that appears atop the screen. Touch the OK button to confirm. It’s gone.

  • You can delete a swath of images by selecting a group at a time.

  • You can’t undelete an image or a video you’ve deleted. There’s no way to recover such an image using available tools on your Samsung Galaxy tablet.

  • Some images can’t be edited, such as images brought in from social networking sites or from online photo-sharing albums.

How to select multiple pictures and videos on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

You can apply certain commands, such as Delete and Rotate, to an entire collection of items in the Gallery at once. To do so, you must select a group of images or videos. Here’s how:

  1. Open the album (pile) you want to mess with.

  2. Long-press an image to select it.

    Instantly, you activate image selection mode.

  3. Continue touching images and videos to select them.

    Or you can choose the Select All command from the Selected menu.

  4. Perform an action on the group of images or videos.

    To remove the images, touch the Delete icon To share the images with other sources, touch the Share icon. If you tap the Menu button, you’ll see commands to Copy and Move the images to another album in the Gallery.

To deselect items, touch them again. To deselect everything, choose the Unselect All command from the Selected menu. Or if you want to cancel deselecting items, touch the App icon button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The type of commands you can use on a group of items in an album depends on the group. Some commands, such as Delete and Share, can be performed on any old group. Other commands, such as the image rotation commands, work only with pictures, not with videos.

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