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You probably won’t find the icons described here on your iPhone's Home screen — at least not on the first (main) one. These apps usually appear on the second Home screen. If you just can’t wait to see them, swipe your finger across the screen from right to left and they’ll appear like magic.

Outside the Utilities folder

In addition to the Utilities folder, you find several additional icons on the second Home screen:
  • Files: Displays documents saved on your iPhone or saved in the cloud to iCloud, Dropbox, or several other cloud-based storage services.
  • Find My (formerly Find My iPhone and Find My Friends): Displays a map with the last known locations of your family’s iPhones and other Apple devices (assuming the feature was enabled on each misplaced device before it was misplaced). It can also display the locations of friends who have consented to being tracked by Find My.
  • Shortcuts: Creates multistep shortcuts you can trigger with your voice.
  • iTunes Store: Accesses the iTunes Store, where you can browse, preview, and purchase songs, albums, movies, and more.
  • Translate: Introduced with iOS 14, this app provides a quick (and mostly accurate) translation of voice or text for 11 languages.
  • Contacts: Stores contact information, which can be synced with iCloud, macOS Contacts, Yahoo! Address Book, Google Contacts, and many more.
  • Watch: Manages features on your Apple Watch. It’s useless unless you have an Apple Watch.
  • Tips: Provides tips for using your iPhone and iOS 14.

Inside the Utilities folder

In the Utilities folder, you find these icons:
  • Voice Memos: Turns your iPhone into a convenient handheld recording device.
  • Compass: Adds a magnetic needle compass inside your iPhone, but better.
  • Measure: Measures things. To use this cool virtual reality-measuring tool, you just point it at an object and see its dimensions!
  • Calculator: Performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Give the phone a quarter turn, however, and you’ll find a nifty scientific calculator that does all that and much more.

App library and Home screen widgets

iOS 14 introduces two new features that make finding what you need on your iPhone faster and easier: App Library and widgets on Home screens.

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