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You can put your iPhone's color screen to good use by watching YouTube videos on it and, even better, sharing those YouTube videos while you're watching them. Your iPhone makes it easy. While you're watching a YouTube video, do the following:

  1. Tap the E-Mail button.


    When you do so, one of the iPhone's virtual keyboards pops up. iPhone has already filled in the e-mail Subject line with the name of the video. And the body of the message is populated with a link to the video on YouTube.

  2. Fill in the To field with the e-mail address of the person you're sending the link to.

  3. (Optional) Add any comments you want to include by tapping the body of the e-mail and typing your message.

    Make sure you don't type over the link that was included in the e-mail.

  4. When your message is complete, tap Send.

Alternatively, from the list of videos, tap the blue button with the right-pointing arrow to see all sorts of details on a particular video. You'll see a description of the video, the number of people who viewed it, the date it was added, and other information. From there, tap the Share button to bring up the e-mail program. You can also add the video to your favorites or to a playlist.

If you've given an iPhone to your kid or someone who works for you, you may not want that person spending time watching YouTube videos. You can restrict a phone's access to YouTube by doing this:

  1. Tap Settings→General→Restrictions.

  2. In the Restrictions screen that appears, tap Enable Restrictions.

    You're asked to establish or enter a previously established passcode. Twice.

  3. Enter your passcode.

    The screen becomes populated with items that you can enable and disable restrictions for..

  4. Tap YouTube so that the Off button, rather than the On button, is displayed.

    You can also set restrictions based on movie ratings (PG or whatever).

If you made YouTube a no-no, the YouTube icon is missing-in-action when you return to the Home screen. To restore YouTube or other privileges, go back into Restrictions and tap Disable Restrictions. You'll have to reenter your passcode.

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