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These days, you can do almost anything on the web. Among the many great features offered on the iPhone 6, you can save images from the web to your photo library, post photos from Safari, and even send web links to others.

Save an image to your Photo Library

  1. Display a web page that contains an image you want to copy.

  2. Press and hold the image.

    This menu appears.

  3. Tap the Save Image option.

    The image is saved to your camera roll.

Be careful about copying images from the Internet and using them for business or promotional activities. Most images are copyrighted, and you may violate the copyright even if you simply use an image in (say) a brochure for your association or a flyer for your community group. Note that some search engines’ advanced search settings offer the option of browsing only for images that aren’t copyrighted.

Some websites are set up to prevent you from copying images on them, or they display a pop-up stating that the contents on the site are copyrighted and should not be copied.

Post photos from Safari

  1. You can post photos to sites such as eBay, Craig’s List, or Facebook from within Safari.

    For this example, go to Facebook and sign in.

  2. Tap a Photo or an Add Photo/Video or similar link.

  3. In the case of Facebook, you now tap a Choose File button, and a menu displays, allowing you to take a photo or choose an existing one.

    Tap Choose Existing and then tap a photo source such as Camera Roll or my Photo Stream. Tap the photo or video you want to post.

  4. Tap the Post button.

Send a link

If you find a great site that you want to share, you can do so easily by sending a link in an email (this also works for sending a site via Twitter or Facebook).

  1. With Safari open and the site you want to share displayed, tap the Share button.

  2. On the menu that appears, tap Mail.

  3. On the message form that appears, enter a recipient’s email address, a subject, and your message.

  4. Tap Send, and the email is sent.

The email is sent from the default email account that you have set up on iPhone.

To tweet the link using your Twitter account, in Step 2 of this task, choose Tweet, enter your tweet message in the form that appears, and then tap Send. You can also choose AirDrop in the same menu with any fifth-generation iPhone or later to share with someone in your immediate vicinity who has an AirDrop-enabled device.

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