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Do you ever see those confused people in a large parking lot, heads turning left to right, sporting a confused look on their faces? Well, the iPhone has a solution. Forget the days of looking for your car. Apple has devised a solution so that you never have to worry about losing your car again!

In iOS 10, Maps automatically drops a pin whenever you park your car so you can find it later. The feature works with any car that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth or CarPlay. If yours does, whenever you disconnect the phone and leave your car, the location will be marked with a parked car pin.

To enable (or disable) the Show Parked Location feature, tap Settings → Maps and enable the Show Parked Location switch.

Once enabled, you can find your parked car by tapping the search field and choosing Parked Car from the suggestions list or asking Siri, “Where is my car parked?” It’s just as simple as that. Added bonus: no more people looking at you strangely for trying to find your car.

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