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The Internet is such a big part of using a computer that when you run into network trouble, you'll want to pull out your hair (assuming you have hair).
  • Run a firewall.

  • Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software to ensure that whatever comes in over the Internet won't mess up your computer.

  • It's better to use Advanced Sharing options to share folders over the network than to use Homegroups. You'll find the Advanced Sharing button on the Sharing tab in the folder's Properties dialog box.

  • Most Internet connection woes are fixed by restarting the modem.

  • To restart the network, turn everything off. Then turn on the modem, the router, any switches, and, finally, the PCs attached to the network.

  • Ensure that the wireless NIC has been enabled on your laptop; check for a hardware switch, which could be a key combination or a physical button.

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