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You can reconfigure certain ways that File Explorer works. All the configuration settings in Windows 10 are in a window named Folder Options. This window has three tabs filled with settings. Here’s how to access the Folder Options window, browse its settings, change them, and apply your desired configuration:

  1. Open File Explorer.

  2. Click File.

    The File menu appears.

  3. Click Change Folder and Search Options.

    The Folder Options window appears at the General tab. Here are settings for browsing folders in File Explorer, opening an item in File Explorer, and whether to show recently used files and folders in Quick Access.

  4. In the General tab, change the settings that you’re interested in.

  5. Click the View tab.

    Here you find settings for viewing files and folders in File Explorer.

    The View tab in Folder Options.
    The View tab in Folder Options.

    The list of settings is long. Browse through the list and read what they do. Each name is self-explanatory.

  6. Change any advanced settings that you want.

  7. Click the Search tab.

    Here you find settings for using search in Windows 10 and in File Explorer.

    The Search tab in Folder Options.
    The Search tab in Folder Options.
  8. Change how search works.

  9. To apply your settings, click OK.

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