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How can you make your iPad work within your Windows 10-centric life? Try one of the more than a dozen PC remote control apps that are available in the Apple App Store. Some of them work surprisingly well:

  • LogMeIn Ignition: A favorite among reviewers, although at $29.95 for the iPad application, it's pricey. You have to run LogMeIn on both the iPad and the Windows machine. If you go with LogMeIn Free on the Windows PC, you can't transfer files, print remotely, hear sounds from the PC, or share desktops. To do any of that, you have to spend an additional $69.95 per year for the Windows 10 PC's software.

  • GoToMyPC: Another name that should sound familiar to Windows aficionados, it also draws good reviews, but it turns even pricier quickly. Figure on spending $9.99 per month per computer after the initial, 30-day, free trial period.

  • Desktop Connect: A lesser-known product that demands you run a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) program on your Windows PC. You also have to connect with a hard-coded IP address.

  • Splashtop: Another lesser-known product works well on a Wi-Fi system, connecting to PCs on the same network, but going outside the local network can get more difficult. You can use Splashtop to play videos on your iPad that aren't in MP4 format.

  • TeamViewer: This remote control program is free for non-commercial use and can run in one of two ways. You can either install the TeamViewer program on your Windows PC and let it control the interaction or simply run the program on your PC, manually, anytime you want to be able to access the Windows PC from your iPad (see the following figure). When you run the program manually on your Windows PC, it generates a random user ID and password, which you use on the iPad to initiate the session.

    After TeamViewer is connected, it lets you use the iPad keyboard, pinch to expand or reduce the size of the screen, tap with two fingers to emulate a right-click, use the buttons on the top of the screen for Alt and Ctrl and Esc, and much more. Even Flash animations come through remarkably quickly.

    TeamViewer lets you control your PC from an iPad — and it's free. This shot of Windows 8.1 wa
    TeamViewer lets you control your PC from an iPad — and it's free. This shot of Windows 8.1 was taken from an iPad.

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