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Using your Mac and iPhoto, you can create slideshows. You can even go a step further and include both pictures and soundtracks and slowly zoom in and out of photos employing the Ken Burns Effect, named after the documentary filmmaker. To create a slideshow:

Choose the album or groups of photos you want in your show. Click the Add (+) button on the toolbar and then click the Slideshow tab.

Choose the album or groups of photos you want in your show. Click the Add (+) button on the toolbar and then click the Slideshow tab.

You may see a name for the slideshow automatically filled in with an album name.

Type a name for the slideshow.

Make sure the Use Selected Items in New Slideshow option is selected.

Click Create and drag pictures in the order you want them to play in the photo browser at the top of the viewing area.

The name of your slideshow is now in the source list under a Slideshows heading.

Click Music to choose a soundtrack from iTunes, GarageBand, or sample music included with iPhoto. Click Settings, make your selections, and click OK.

You can choose how long you want to play each slide (three seconds is the default) and a transition between slides (Dissolve, Page Flip, Twirl, and so on). Remove the check mark if you don’t want to use the Automatic Ken Burns Effect. Add check marks if you want to scale photos to fill the screen, and show titles, ratings, and slideshow controls. You can also choose whether to repeat music during the slideshow or whether to adjust slide durations so slides will play as long as the music plays.

If you want to tweak settings for individual slides, click Adjust.

To preview visual changes to slides in a smaller window without sound, click Preview. Click Play to get on with the show.

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