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Warm-ups are important before you play a game of golf. Not only do a few simple exercises loosen your muscles and help your swing, but they also help you psychologically, as well. Feeling loose rather than tight is reassuring. Besides, golfers (along with the rest of the world) are a lot more aware of physical fitness and diet today than in days gone by.

Here are some stretches to get you ready to play:

  • Holding a club by the head, place the grip end in your armpit so that the shaft runs the length of your arm (use a club that's the same length as your arm for this one). That action in itself stretches your arm and shoulders.

    Now bend forward until your arm is horizontal. The forward movement stretches your lower back, one of the most important areas in your body when it comes to playing golf. If your back is stiff, making a full turn on the backswing is tough. Hold this position for a few seconds; then switch arms and repeat. Keep doing this stretch until you feel ready to swing.

  • Instead of practicing your swing with one club in your hands, double the load — swing two clubs. Go slowly, trying to make as full a back-and-through swing as you can. The extra weight soon stretches away any tightness.

  • Place a club across your back and hold it in place with your hands or elbows. Then turn back and through as if making a golf swing. Again, this action really stretches your back muscles.


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