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You never know when you could hook the big one when fly fishing. Keep this chart of fly fishing world records with you, and if you catch a record-beater, get the fish registered at the nearest tackle shop and wait for the endorsements to roll in. (Remember that this chart shows the world records for fish caught on fly lines.)

Fish Weight Where and When
Brook Trout 10 lb. 7 oz. Assinica Broadback River, Quebec, Canada; September 5, 1982
Brown Trout 29 lb. 12 oz. Rio Grande, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina; January 19, 1992
Cutthrout Trout 14 lb. 1 oz. Pyramid Lake, Reno, Nevada; April 4, 1982
Lake Trout 27 lb. 8 oz. Nueltin Lake, Alonsa, Canada; June 24, 1994
Rainbow Trout 28 lb. Skeena River, British Columbia, Canada; October 20, 1985
Largemouth Bass 13 lb. 9 oz. Lake Morena, San Diego, California; April 4, 1984
Smallmouth Bass 6 lb. 4 oz. Pine Lake, Michigan; August 12, 1995
Muskellunge 18 lb. 9 oz. Pike Lake, Lac de Flambeau, Wisconsin; June 28, 1989
Northern Pike 33 lb. 8 oz. Nejanilini Lake, Manitoba, Canada; July 14, 1994
Pickerel 4 lb. 5 oz. Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri; October 21, 1995
Bonefish 14 lb. 8 oz. Islamorada, Florida; March 30, 1996
Bluefish 19 lb. 12 oz. Nags Head, North Carolina; November 2, 1987
Redfish 43 lb. Banana River Lagoon, Florida; May 7, 1995
Striped Bass 64 lb. 8 oz. Smith River, Oregon; July 28, 1973
Tarpon 188 lb. Homosassa, Florida; May 13, 1982
Weakfish (Sea Trout) 14 lb. 2 oz. Delaware Bay, Delaware; June 5, 1987

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