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Your EOS 7D Mark II has many options that determine the dimensions, image format, quality, and file size. You can choose from two image formats: JPEG and RAW. You have three different sizes for each the RAW image format and five different sizes for the JPEG image format. If you capture images with the JPEG format, you can also specify image quality.

You can capture both formats when you shoot an image, or choose either format. If you’re shooting with two cards in the camera, you have different options.

Your decisions regarding format, image size, and quality determine the crispness of the resulting images, the file size, and the amount of flexibility you have when editing your images. To give you an idea of the difference in file sizes, you’ll end up with a file size of 6.6MB when you capture the largest size image using the JPEG format with Fine quality compared to a file size of approximately 24MB when you capture the same size image using the RAW format.

One of the first decisions you make regarding your images is the file format. You can capture JPEG or RAW images. When you choose the file format, you also specify the image size. If you choose the JPEG format, you specify the quality as well. You even have an option to capture both formats simultaneously, and have other options if you shoot with two cards. To specify the image format:

  1. Press the Menu button.

    The menu appears on the LCD monitor.

  2. Press the Quick Control button to navigate to the Shoot tab and then use the multi-controller button to navigate to the Shoot1 menu.

  3. Rotate the Quick Control dial to highlight Image Quality.

  4. Press the Set button.

    Your image format, size, and quality options display.

  5. Rotate the Main dial to specify a RAW setting.

    Choose this option to capture RAW images, or perform this step with Step 6 to capture JPEG images simultaneously when you press the shutter button. Your options are RAW (5472 x 3648 pixels), MRAW (4104 x 2736 pixels), or SRAW (2736 x 1824 pixels). When you select an option, the file size, image dimensions in pixels, and the number of images that can be captured on your memory card in the camera display in the upper-right corner of the Quality menu.

  6. Rotate the Quick Control dial to specify a JPEG setting.

    Choose this option to capture JPEG images, or perform this step with Step 5 to capture RAW images simultaneously when you press the shutter button. Your options are Large with Fine, Large with Normal, Medium with Fine, Medium with Normal, Small (S1) with Fine, or Small (S1) with Normal. The dimensions, respectively, are 5472 x 3648 pixels, 4104 x 2736 pixels, or 2736 x 1824 pixels. There is also an S2 and S3 option. These images are very small and suitable for the Internet only.

  7. Press Set to apply the change.

    The selected image information displays next to Image Quality on the Shoot1 menu.


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