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When you photograph a person, place, or thing, you’re freezing a moment in time with your Canon EOS 7D, a moment that may never happen again. Therefore, you need to be very careful when you delete images from a card because when deleted, an image is lost forever. That’s why you should do the majority of your winnowing (photographer-speak for separating the duds from the keepers) in an image-editing program.

However, if you decide to delete lots of your images with camera erase options, you can protect any image to prevent accidental deletion. (This also protects the image in Canon’s image-editing software. This option, however, doesn’t protect the image when you reformat the card.) To protect an image:

  1. Press the Menu button.

    The last used camera menu displays on the camera LCD monitor.

  2. Press the Quick Control button to navigate to the Play tab and then use the multi‐controller button to highlight the Play1 menu.

    Protect Images is the first menu option.

  3. Press the Set button.

    The Protect Images menu displays. You can protect images that you select, a folder of images, or all images on the card. The following steps will show you how to protect selected images.

  4. Rotate the Quick Control dial to highlight Select Images and then press Set.

    The last viewed image displays on the LCD monitor, with the last display view you selected. Remember, you can view images as thumbnails by pressing the Index/Reduce/Magnify button and then rotating the Main dial counterclockwise.

  5. Rotate the Quick Control dial to navigate to an image you want to ­protect and then press Set.

    The image is protected and can’t be deleted. A lock icon appears on the screen when an image is protected. Press Set again to unprotect a protected image.


    You can also protect images while viewing them as thumbnails. Press the Index/Reduce/Magnify button and then rotate the Main dial counterclockwise once to view four thumbnail images or twice to view nine thumbnail images. Rotate the Quick Control dial to navigate to the next set of thumbnails, and then use the multi‐controller button to navigate to an individual thumbnail. Press Set to protect the highlighted image.

  6. Repeat Step 5 to protect additional images.

  7. Press the Menu button to return to the main menu.

    The images you’ve marked enter into the Pixel Protection Program.

Third-party software is available that can rescue images that were deleted accidentally or when a card becomes corrupt. In fact, SanDisk includes rescue software with some of its cards. If you do accidentally delete a keeper, you have to use the software immediately.

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