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As you shop for the tenants of your freshwater — or saltwater — aquarium, look for a fish dealer who sells healthy fish and can offer information and assistance when you need it. A good fish dealer has the characteristics in the following list:

  • Clean tanks and shop.

  • Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff who answer your questions, go out of their way to help, and are familiar with equipment, putting together systems, and needs of each fish.

  • Large selection of aquarium equipment, food, medicine, and fish in stock.

  • Free services, such as water testing.

  • A guarantee on the fish and equipment they sell.

  • Willingness to inform you where you can get something they don’t sell.

  • Autopsies of dead fish to help determine cause of death, and medication adivce to prevent the need for autopsies.

  • Genuine interest in you and your aquarium(s).

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Gregory Skomal, PhD, is an experienced aquarist and marine fisheries biologist at Martha's Vineyard Fisheries, division of Marine Fisheries, Massachusetts. He's been keeping saltwater aquariums since childhood and has shared his extensive knowledge with viewers of National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, NBC's Today, and other media.

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