Ferrets For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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Whether you leave your ferret in the capable hands of a pet sitter or you use a boarding facility, this list explains the information you need to provide for your ferret’s caregiver:
  • The phone number where you can be reached and the name of the people you’re staying with.

  • An emergency phone number (or two) of someone close to home, such as a friend or relative.

  • Your veterinarian’s phone number and address.

  • The emergency clinic’s phone number and address.

  • A supply of necessary medication and instructions on how to medicate your ferret.

  • Written description of each ferret and each ferret’s personality (attach a photo next to each description to be extra helpful).

  • A list of do’s and don’ts.

  • An adequate supply of food.

  • Written instructions on feeding.

  • Instructions on how to clean up after your ferrets, supervise safe playtime, and watch for signs of illness or injury.

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Kim Schilling is the founder of Animals for Awareness, a non-profit USDA licensed sanctuary dedicated to the needs of exotic and wild animals. When she discovered domesticated ferrets some 30 years ago, she never looked back. Kim wrote both previous editions of this book and has shared her home with as many as 20 ferrets at once.

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