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Being a responsible dog breeder means more than just loving dogs. Dog breeding is a huge responsibility made up of hard work and occasional setbacks and disappointments. So before you decide to become a dog breeder or find one, go through this list of qualities that define a dependable breeder:

  • Becomes a member of the national breed club and participates in activities that support the breed: Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Agility Competitions, Breed-specific events.

  • Follows all breed-club recommendations for hereditary defect testing of all breeding stock.

  • Does not release any dog, puppy or adult, to a new home before it is sexually altered, unless the dog is specifically designated as show or breeding stock.

  • Does not release any dog, puppy or adult, who has not had an identifying microchip implanted.

  • Takes all necessary steps to insure that each and every dog bred is given all the socialization that's appropriate for the dog's age.

  • Maintains proper housing for the breed with adequate room for exercise.

  • Remains vigilant in maintaining clean and sanitary conditions at all times.

  • Prepared to make appointments for prospective buyers or those interested in breeding to view the dogs.

  • Guarantees in writing the health of all stock sold.

  • Available for the lifetime of the dog to answer questions related to dogs sold.

  • Will take back any dog sold if the buyer is unable to keep the dog.

  • Uses a sales contract in all instances that clearly defines the rights and expectations of both buyer and seller.

  • Keeps all registration and veterinary documents relating to the dog available for inspection at the time of the sale.

  • Does not permit any dog to go to a home or environment that is not entirely suitable for the breed of dog.

  • Completes all inoculations appropriate for the age of the dog being sold.

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