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If you are installing a sink within a stone countertop, you attach the sink to the underside of the stone countertop with epoxy. This step isn’t difficult, but you must set the sink in the right place. After the epoxy cures, you can’t change your mind! Here’s how you glue a sink to a countertop:

  1. Lay the countertop polished side down on a work table or on 2 x 4s across a pair of sawhorses.

  2. Place the sink upside down over the sink hole in the countertop.

    Make sure that the sink is centered over the sink hole. Feel around the edges underneath the countertop to ensure that the sink is centered.

  3. with a felt pen, draw a line all around the sink on the bottom of the countertop.

  4. Make alignment marks on the front and back of the sink and countertop

    Begin the line on the sink and continue it on the countertop. After removing the sink, you can replace it in exactly the same position by matching the lines on the sink with those on the countertop.

  5. Lift the sink off the vanity top and set it down within easy reach.

    You don’t have much time to position the sink after you pour the epoxy.

  6. Mix the epoxy by following the directions on the packet that came with the countertop.

    To activate epoxy, you usually knead both sides of the packet together by hand or by sliding the packet up and down along the edge of the countertop to mix it thoroughly. Continue kneading the epoxy packet against the countertop edge until it begins to feel warm to the touch (about three minutes).

  7. When the epoxy feels warm, immediately cut off one corner of the packet with scissors and squeeze the contents quickly and evenly onto the countertop around the inside of the line you drew.

    Work quickly! After the epoxy begins to warm up, it continues to heat and hardens quickly. When finished (or if the epoxy gets too hot to handle), place the used epoxy packet in a metal can or on a nonflammable surface.

  8. Quickly place the sink back on the underside of the countertop inside the outline you drew, making sure to place the back of the sink toward the faucet holes and line it up exactly with the front and back alignment marks that you made.

  9. Move the sink back and forth for about five seconds, making sure that it’s within the layout circle.

    Doing so ensures that you have the epoxy spread around as much as possible between the top and sink.

Before installing the countertop and sink on the vanity, install the faucet and drain body according to the manufacturer’s directions while you have easy access.

After the epoxy has dried for about an hour, check whether the sink has adhered to the countertop by carefully lifting up the sink a few inches by the bottom drain hole. If the vanity top lifts with the sink, you’re ready to carry it into the bathroom and install it on the vanity.

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