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You can't wait to get started on your home decorating project, but taking a few minutes beforehand can save you time, money, and aggravation down the road. Use the tips in the following list to ensure that your home decorating projects run smoothly:

  • Fix your budget! Spend no more than what you have.

  • Formulate an action plan. Establish goals. Set priorities. Decide what room or rooms you want finished and in what order. Decorating goes faster when you have a plan.

  • Scope out the job. Create a floor plan using a computer-aided program or draw one by hand on graph paper.

  • Discover your personal style. Are you Contemporary or Traditional? Knowing your style eliminates confusion (and wasted time) by steering you toward the best choices.

  • Shop! Pick stores that stock a large selection for quick delivery or carrying home. Shop by mail. Surf the Internet for information on prices and products from the comfort of your home.

  • Do first things first. Have all carpentry and wiring performed before you cover your walls and floors. Decorate the ceiling, walls, and floor before you bring in furniture.

  • Buy major pieces of furniture first and accessories last.

  • Spice up your decor with accessories galore! Pick pieces with personal meaning.

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