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Where do you find all the neat stuff you need to become a beekeeper? Where do you buy bees? Start with a search on the web for "beekeeping supplies." Maybe you'll get lucky and find a listing for a local supplier who sells supplies out of his or her garage. That's kind of cool because it gives you face-to-face access to your own personal mentor.

Alternatively, you can deal directly with one of the major bee suppliers. They all offer mail-order catalogs, and all now have e-commerce–enabled websites. Some provide online advice (your online mentor).

This online company based in Connecticut offers secure e-commerce shopping and personalized support designed exclusively for the backyard beekeeper. A free download section is provided with helpful instruction sheets and articles. The company's beekeeping experts happily serve as your online mentors.

Hopewell Harmony, LLC

160A Sugar St.

Newtown, CT 06470

Phone 800-784-1911 or 203-222-2268

Email [email protected]


BeeInventive created and markets the Flow hive. Based in Australia, the company ships this hive around the world through distributors in Europe and the United States. The hive can only be purchased using the company's website, which offers lots of information and videos on the Flow hive.

BeeInventive Pty Ltd

ABN 31 161 952 941

Phone 646-876-8880 (U.S.);

+61 2 8880 0774 (Australia);

+3 18 5208 4111 (Europe [Netherlands])

Bee Thinking

Bee Thinking has a retail shop in Portland, Oregon, plus a nice website where you can shop for beekeeping equipment, supplies, books, gifts, and even live bees. There are also helpful links to useful resources. Bee Thinking manufactures beautiful Western red-cedar Langstroth, Top Bar, and Warré hives. At Bee Thinking, the emphasis is on "natural" beekeeping practices.

Bee Thinking, LLC

1551 SE Poplar Ave.

Portland, OR 97214

Phone 877-325-2221

Email [email protected]

BeeWeaver Apiaries

Established in 1888, BeeWeaver provides live bees and hybrid queens across the country and worldwide. Remember to order/reserve your live bees well before the spring that you need them. Apiaries can sellout quickly. Alas, the only way to reach the company seems to be via a form on its website. It offers no email address and publishes no phone number.

BeeWeaver Apiaries

Brazos Valley Location

16481 CR 319

Navasota, TX 77868

Texas Bee Barn

Hill Country Location

3700 McGregor Lane

Dripping Springs, TX 78620


Betterbee offers online and mail-order shopping for beekeeping supplies and equipment. Betterbee also has a great selection of supplies for candle making, soap making, and even a learning center with relevant articles and how-to information. It also offers local pickup of live bee packages. Worth a visit.

8 Meader Rd.

Greenwich, NY 12834

Phone 800-632-3379 or 518-314-0575

Email [email protected]

Blue Sky Bee Supply

Blue Sky Bee Supply specializes in honey processing equipment, containers and labels. In addition to honey marketing, we offer some of the most unique items in the industry—including hive-ware, clothing and feeds.

Blue Sky Bee Supply, LTD

930 N. Freedom St.

Ravenna, Ohio 44266

[email protected]

(877) 529-9233

(330) 297-6655

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm features a large selection of beekeeping supplies and equipment by mail order and e-commerce. Brushy Mountain manufactures quality hives and offers a wide range of top-quality equipment. It has brick-and-mortar stores in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

610 Bethany Church Rd.

Moravian Falls, NC 28654

Phone 800-233-7929

Email [email protected]

Dadant & Sons, Inc.

Dadant & Sons, Inc. provides beekeeping supplies and equipment by mail order and e-commerce. It has several regional offices around the United States. One of the largest beekeeping suppliers in the United States, it has been in business since 1878.

51 South Second St.

Hamilton, IL 62341

Phone 888-922-1293 or 217-847-3324

Fax 217-847-3660

Email [email protected]

Glorybee Foods, Inc.

Beekeeping equipment plus a wide array of soap, skin care, aromatherapy, and candle-making supplies are available by mail order and e-commerce from Glorybee Foods, Inc. It also is a great resource for bee-related gifts.

29548 B Airport Rd.

P.O. Box 2744

Eugene, OR 97402

Phone 800-456-7923

Email [email protected]

Kelley Beekeeping

Kelley Beekeeping provides beekeeping supplies and equipment by mail order and e-commerce. It offers a selection of quality products.

807 W. Main St.

Clarkson, KY 42726

Phone 800-233-2899 or 270-242-2012

Fax 270-242-4801

Email [email protected]

Mann Lake

Mann Lake, Ltd. offers beekeeping supplies, equipment, and medication by mail order and e-commerce. Its website features an online catalog and a very helpful beekeeping learning center. It has store locations in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and California.

501 First St. S.

Hackensack, MN 56452

Phone 800-880-7694

Fax 218-675-6156

Email [email protected]

Miller Bee Supply

Miller Bee Supply offers a nice, easy-to-use site offering a wide assortment of start-up kits, beekeeping supplies, medications, and queen-rearing equipment.

496 Yellow Banks Rd.

North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Phone 888-848-5184 or 336-670-2249

Fax 336-670-2293

Email [email protected]

Rossman Apiaries

Rossman Apiaries, located in South Georgia and serving beekeepers since 1987, carries a wide range of supplies and manufactures highly durable Cypress Woodenware Hives. Rossman also raises and sells packages of Italian bees and queens.

3364-A GA Hwy. 33 N.

P.O. Box 909

Moultrie, GA 31776-0909

Phone 800-333-7677

Email [email protected]

Sacramento Beekeeping

Sacramento Beekeeping is a friendly retail store and online site offering beekeeping supplies, soap- and candle-making supplies, gifts, and honey. Family-owned and operated.

2110 X St.

Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone 916-451-2337

Fax 916-451-7008

Email [email protected]

Swienty Beekeeping Equipment

European supplier Swienty Beekeeping Equipment offers beekeeping supplies by mail order and e-commerce, including a nice selection of unique products not readily available in the United States. Its website is published in three languages.

Hørtoftvej 16

6400 Sønderborg


Phone +45 7448 6969

Fax +45 7448 8001

Email [email protected]

Thorne Beekeeping Supply

Thorne offers a wide range of beekeeping supplies and equipment, including a great selection of different hive styles (such as National, Warré, and Top Bar hives). You will also find candle-making supplies and useful information to download, plus links to helpful beekeeping-related sites. A nicely designed site.

EH Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Beehive Business Park


Nr Wragby

Market Rasen


United Kingdom

Phone +44 (0)1 673 858 555

Email [email protected]

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