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Make a wish list when you begin landscape planning and use your imagination to customize your landscape around your family’s needs. Consider rain barrels, a fire pit or fire bowl, an arbor, or even a small greenhouse. Keep digging until you have everything you want in your yard. Consider these for your wish list:

  • Enough lawn to play catch

  • A brick patio or wooden deck

  • An outdoor barbecue

  • A privacy hedge

  • A fenced-in yard

  • A swimming pool or spa

  • A storage shed or potting shed

  • A compost pile

  • A fish pond or reflecting pool

  • A place where butterflies and birds come to visit

  • A private retreat with a hammock

  • A flower-cutting garden

  • A rose garden

  • A fresh herb plot or scented garden

  • A vegetable garden or fruit orchard

  • A rooftop garden

  • A bulb garden with flowers that announce the start of a new season

  • A patio garden with different pots full of colorful plants

  • Wildflowers

  • A drought-tolerant garden

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