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Pick up a thermometer for a quick and easy way to determine if your meal is cooked to a safe temperature. Here’s a guide for using your slow cooker and cooking to a temperature that’s safe.

Food Safe Cooking Temperature in Degrees F
Eggs Cook until yolk and white are firm
Egg dishes 160
Ground Meat and Meat Mixtures
Turkey, chicken 165
Veal, beef, lamb, pork 160
Fresh Beef
Medium rare 145
Medium 160
Well done 170
Fresh Lamb
Medium rare 145
Medium 160
Well done 170
Fresh Pork
Medium 160
Well done 170
Chicken, whole 180
Turkey, whole 180
Poultry breasts, roasted 170
Poultry thighs, wings 180
Fresh (uncured) 160
Precooked (ready to eat) 140

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