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Egg-based sauces are (you guessed it!) based on eggs rather than on meat stock or butter and cream, although most egg-based sauces also contain butter, stock, and/or cream. Here are the two most common egg-based sauces:

  • Hollandaise sauce: Your first introduction to hollandaise probably came when you went with your parents to a fancy brunch that included eggs Benedict.

    Hopefully, you didn’t get those eggs Benedict from the buffet steam table, because egg-based sauces don’t have a long buffet life.

  • Béarnaise sauce: A savory variation on hollandaise, this sauce goes well with salmon, fillet of beef, or any other rich meat.

Egg-based sauces are typically rich, and a little goes a long way. But they’re also very versatile, changing with just a few different herbs, vegetables, or cream into all kinds of variations. But most of them start with your basic hollandaise sauce.

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