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Knowing how to swap out non-Paleo ingredients for their Paleo-approved brethren is essential if you want to create healthy Paleo meals that satisfy. When you swap out modern-day ingredients for healthier Paleo ones, you turn ordinary foods into superfoods. Who doesn’t love that? Here are some suggestions:

  • Coconut oil in place of processed oils: One of the most important things you can do for your health is ditch processed oils (such as canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and all vegetable oils). When you use unhealthy oils, you still can create inflammation in your body no matter how good other ingredients in your meal may be. In fact, this change is probably the most important swap you can make.

  • Coconut aminos in place of soy sauce: When you want that salty soy-sauce taste for stir-frys, sauces, or dips, ditch your sodium-filled soy sauce for coconut aminos. Straight from the sap of a coconut tree, this sauce is healthier and mirrors the taste of soy sauce.

  • Almond and/or coconut flour in place of white flour: These natural nut flours are so easy to work with and you will never miss the grain laden sugary treats, once you discover how fantastic these flours fit the bill.

  • Sweet potato in place of white potato: By making this easy swap, you avoid antinutrients (substances that inhibit nutrient absorption) found in the skin of white potatoes and getting more beta carotene and vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are totally Paleo-approved and are a great post workout recovery food.

  • Honey or maple syrup in place of white sugar and artificial sweeteners: Sugar is sugar, but some sweeteners (such as honey and maple syrup) actually add a small amount of value to your health. Organic maple syrup contains B vitamins, and honey comes with naturally immune-boosting properties. Whereas white sugar and artificial sweeteners actually leach nutrients from the body.

  • Celtic sea salt in place of refined table salt: The processing and anticaking ingredients in refined table salt are unhealthy. Natural salt such as Celtic sea salt provides minerals. Note: This salt is completely natural with no processing whatsoever, so it doesn’t have iodine added. Make a point to supplement your diet with a good source of iodine.

  • Salmon burgers in place of vegetarian burgers: A gluten-filled vegetarian burger (often called a frankenfood because it’s so processed) has no redeeming value. A better choice is salmon burgers, which are filled with healthy omega-3 fats and protein to make you look and feel great!

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