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When living Paleo, you need to understand that you're designed for all-out bursts of energy followed by conservation. When cave men hunted, or avoided being hunted, they were required to sprint. They went as fast as they could for short distances. By doing these short bursts, they naturally developed the speed they needed.

Building speed and power is one of the greatest skills you can maintain to help you with everything you do in life. But getting these skills is one of the most poorly understood movements in fitness today.

Case and point: How many people have you seen at the gym on the treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper for what seems to be forever? Going at the same pace for long periods of time or performing movements that your body doesn't naturally do is simply not what you were designed to do. It's also not necessary to create a strong, lean, and lithe body filled with power and speed.

Doing short bursts of exercise followed by rest is far better than all that long, stretched-out exercise that takes forever. How often do you hear that? The exercise you need takes less time and is more effective!

Here are some of the advantages of doing short bursts of exercise, such as sprinting or performing high-intensity exercise followed by a period of rest:

  • Improved endurance

  • Quick results

  • No cash or equipment required

  • Burn more fat

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Spend less time working out, so much less boring

You no longer have to feel chained to all the cardio equipment to get power and speed into your physiology! Isn't living Paleo liberating?

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