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Fats and oils are only stable up to a certain cooking temperature; after that, they become damaged and can result in inflammation — a definite Paleo cooking no-no. Your Paleo fat’s/oil’s stability before cooking is crucial. If you cook an oil at a high heat, make sure your oil is stable enough to handle that temperature.

Here are some guidelines on oil stability; whatever oil you choose, buy organic, if it’s available.

  • Very stable oils for hot uses

    • Bacon fat (lard)

    • Chicken fat (schmaltz)

    • Coconut oil

    • Duck fat

    • Ghee

    • Grass-fed butter

    • Lamb fat

    • Tallow (beef fat)

  • Moderately stable for very low temperatures (best purchased extra-virgin and cold-pressed and used with no heat)

    • Avocado oil

    • Flaxseed oil

    • Macadamia nut oil

    • Olive oil

    • Walnut oil

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