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The Paleo lifestyle is healthy for adults and children alike. The best time to introduce your kiddos to the nutritious foods on the Paleo diet is no doubt as young as possible. Actually, when kids are young, they have a huge interest in discovering healthy eating practices.

They're intrigued by the human body and how it works and equally as intrigued how to eat in a way that cares for their body in the very best way.

Watching this fascination and enthusiasm peak in your children is a wonderful thing. Children are often interested in cooking with you and talking about the ingredients you use. They're interested in what the labels say and all the things that nutritious foods make them do better (run, play sports, ramp up brain power, and so on).

If you can capture kids' interest in eating healthy when they're young (while in preschool through elementary school), you hit a home run. Even if they stray for some time, choosing healthier options is still ingrained in them. Eventually, they come back to the eating principles they know serve them best.

Middle-school kids are no doubt tougher customers. They're not going to go for any old bill of goods you try to sell them. They're the little skeptics. But don't give up. The best way to reach this group is to involve them as much as possible and always have the healthier choices available. Have some household mealtime rules in place and just keep on keeping on! It will pay off.

When your little kiddo becomes a big kiddo (from about 14 to 18 years old) your role as the silent leader has to really come into play. Leading by example is the best and most effective way to influence this age group. They'll notice that you buy your produce from the farmers' market and that you always have fruits and vegetables on the ready.

They'll notice that your meals always consist of lean proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. They'll notice what's in your cupboards. They'll be aware of the rhythm and vibe your kitchen takes on, and, when they're ready, they'll start asking questions. Better yet, they'll just start doing.

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