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Your children will benefit from the adapting the healthy choices that are part of the Paleo lifestyle. Teach them the principles of the Paleo diet when they're young, and they will experience lifelong benefits. One of the missing keys in the strategies parents use to get their kids to eat healthy is really taking the time to teach them why they should eat healthy.

Have you ever gone through the motions of doing something just because? Maybe someone said to do it, maybe it was a role you had to take on for work, or maybe it was just something you got in the habit of doing? Something is usually missing when you do something just because, and that is heart. When you do things with heart, the passion to succeed follows.

No matter what age or stage your kids are in, explain some simple facts. You don't have to make a big deal about it; it can even be in passing. As long as you do teach them the why. Here are some examples:

  • You should be able to pronounce the ingredients on a food label; otherwise, they're probably chemicals that you don't want in your body.

  • If too many ingredients are on the label, the foods are too processed and aren't going to give you the nutrients you need. You'll get some energy but no nutrition.

  • Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants, which keep your cells super healthy and protect you against getting sick.

  • Fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals, which make every structure and function of your body work. When you get too low on these vitamins, you get sick easier, and performing in all areas of life as well as you really can is difficult.

  • Fruits and vegetables have fiber in them, which helps move things along your intestines so your body stays cleansed and not clogged.

  • Your body needs healthy proteins to build and repair everything in your body, like strong muscles.

  • Healthy fats make your brain and all your cells work better so you can do everything better. These fats are super important to have.

  • If you want your cells to flow really nicely, you've got to be hydrated. Your cells really need water so they're not stuck together, which causes you to get tired and worn out.

Keep your explanations simple — no big words or lengthy lectures — just some simple facts so your children understand why eating healthy foods is important. Explaining the why behind the choices you make helps them feel ownership and helps them want to have a healthier lifestyle. That's a sure-fire prescription for success!

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